Monday, 14 August 2017

Everywhere we see people spreading awareness about the horrific blue whale suicide incidents. Let this be just a reminder for all of us to spend more time with our kids and to have an open environment at home, where they should have the freedom to vent out all their happiness and worries.

Let's all take pride in how our 2 year old can mess with a bunch of mega blocks or Lego  rather than taking pride in them being a tech savvy or a gadget friendly kid at that age.

Let's sing out loud or clumsily dance with them rather than keeping them chained with an iPad.

Let's read out to them or tell them a story rather than shutting out their imagination with an electronic gadget.

Moreover, let's encourage them for being whatever they are, tell every kid that they are unique in their own way and please stop comparing them with another kid. Remember every kid is different and the best we parents can do is to let them be who they are!

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