Thursday, 26 October 2017

Potato Hearts - for Moms who can't find a straw to make fancy potato smileys 😁

What you need:

Potato - 1 big
Crushed Garlic - 2 cloves
Bread crumbs - I powdered 2 multi-grain bread slices in the mixer
Cookie cutter - any shape you like


Boil and mash the potato.
Add crushed Garlic and bread crumbs to make a dough
Flatten it using a rolling pin and cut out the shape
Shallow fry them and serve - as simple as that!

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Probably the only time he is quiet, apart from his naptime 😁 #desserttime

Because he wanted to help Mamma make chappathi 🙈😀

Agu boy comes to the kitchen 2 minutes after I handed over his dinner, which was mini dosas with chutney today.

Agu (very politely): Mama, can you please put this in the waste basket?
Me: What?
Agu: Dosa
Me: Why???!!
Agu: I want only chicken and rice
Me: 😐😐

I think I can see that transition from terrible twos to troublesome threes already 😁

So hopefully I'm getting a break from his official "punching bag" role as we got him an actual punching buddy 😁


We all know that dates are really healthy for kids because it is rich in iron. I had this tub of fresh cream in the freezer which I save from boiled milk everyday, so I made these slightly-healthy dates popsicles for Agu. Do try these super easy recipe for your tiny ice cream love!

What you need:

Condensed milk: 1 cup
Milk cream: 1 cup
Dates: half cup
Cocoa powder: 2tbsp


Blend milk cream and dates in your mixer until the cream gets all whisked up
Combine condensed milk with cocoa powder in a bowl
Add the whipped cream mix with the cocoa mixture
Freeze them in popsicle moulds or in a tub for creamy yummy home made ice cream!

So now I realise the best way to get your own peaceful me-time is to get a toy that equally fascinates Agu boy and Papa darling 😂😂